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Please consider the following before you decide to plan a parking lot car wash to raise money:

Wastewater from parking lot car washes contains toxic materials that flow directly into storm drains and out to our area's many sensitive waterways. Twin Star Car Wash removes solids and toxins from the wash water, which is then piped to a water treatment facility.

Twin Star Car Wash uses much less water per car than a parking lot car wash, thereby saving water, which is especially important during the summer months.

A parking lot car wash is weather dependent. With Twin Star Car Wash your organization doesn’t have to worry about the weather. The customer can use the car wash they purchase at their convenience.

Here’s how it works:

  • Twin Star Car Wash offers car wash coupons called Tokenotes. These Tokenotes come in $5 and $6 values.
  • Twin Star Car Wash Tokenotes can be purchased in blocks of 50 to 200, depending on the needs of your organization.
  • Your organization sells Twin Star Car Wash Tokenotes and keeps 50% of the proceeds.

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on our Charity Car Wash Program.

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